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Membership Counts

quoteTo preserve and celebrate the history of the Town of Warwick and its people, and engage our communities through a variety of programs aimed at developing an understanding and appreciation of our unique historic heritage.

M any local historical societies were founded in the late 19th and early 20th century by amateur historians whose interest in the past was often combined with a desire to celebrate the significance, growth, and business potential of the community. These early societies were commonly formed by elites whose main interest was the history of people like themselves, leaders in business, commerce, and government. Their mission was to preserve the legacy of their ancestors, to commemorate local heroes, and to preserve historic architecture. Rapid urbanization and urban renewal in the 20th century led to another wave of interest in preserving local history. No one knows for sure how many local historical societies and small museums exist in the United States today—rough estimates place the number at over 10,000.

Many of these societies, like the Warwick Historical Society, are tiny, underfunded, and understaffed. An informal poll from the American Historical Association suggests that “approximately 15 percent of local historical societies are staffed entirely by volunteers, 25 percent by volunteers and a part-time staff member, and only 25 percent have more than one professional staff member.”

Source: The Future of Local Historical Societies, Debbie Ann Doyle, December 2012

We invite you to contribute to the Warwick Historical Society by 1) making a donation, 2) becoming a member (see below), and 3) volunteering your time/talent. Thank you!

The thrill is in the hunt as much as in the finding. Whether it’s digging for something that hasn’t seen daylight in a couple of hundred years or seeking written or photographic treasure in archived material, the search is where the excitement is. Having a chance to get kids started down that path is icing on the cake. And sometimes, as in the case of the Shingle House cistern, it’s the kids who make the big discovery.
George Knight, Member
I’m so excited to be part of changing the perception of the Warwick Historical Society. There is so much history here and people in general feel it’s not consumable for the masses. Once you actually take the time to take a tour and visit the buildings you get an experience that is truly amazing and can feel like you are part of our great country’s history. I look forward to using my experience to provide guidance to help change the digital face and user journey for users of the Historical Society Digital properties.
David Levin, Resident member
I have always been a historian at heart, and there is such an abun-dance of touchable history preserved here in Warwick. I joined the Society in 2008 when I moved into the village as a way to meet my new neighbors. I tried working in the gift shop, as a docent and event planning. But I really found my niche in the clothing department where I can use my computer skills to document the collection and have the pleasure of putting together clothing exhibits. As a bonus, I have made new friends. Warwick now feels like home.
Susan Winstanley

WHS Committees

Responsible for fund raising, special events, endowments, and long range fiscal planning.
• Board Development/Nominating Committee: Responsible for:
• Selecting its own chair from among its members.
• Defining priorities in nominating new board members.
• Recruiting and meeting with prospective board members and recommending candidates to the board.
• Preparing job descriptions for the board’s officers and trustees.
• Conducting training sessions for new board members and appointing mentors from the existing board to assist each new appointee.

Buildings and Grounds:
Responsible for:
• The care, maintenance and insurance coverage of the society’s properties.
• Oversight and authority over all signage used by the society.
• Work in concert with the Orange and Dutchess Garden Club, which is responsible for the care and maintenance of the 1810 House garden.

Responsible for:
• Organizing and arranging for the buildings to be open and available for tours.
• Acquisition of items deemed desirable for the society to accession and de-accession following society practices (see, on file, the society’s Collections Management Policy for the full rules guiding acquisitions to, and de-accessions from, the society’s collections).
• Oversight of all of the society’s exhibits and displays of a historical nature.

Responsible for:
• Oversight of all educational programs offered by the society.
• Coordinating with Buildings & Grounds for development of society signage.
• Finance/Audit/Budget: The chair of this committee shall be a trustee without authority to sign checks for the Society. It shall be composed of a minimum of three board members other than the treasurer and president, The committee shall:
• Arrange for the annual review or audit of the society’s financial records.
• Prepare a proposed budget to be presented at the board meeting following the annual meeting.
• Oversee budget expenditures.
• Oversee investments and report to the board on the performance of these investments on a quarterly basis.

Member Benefits

Does History Matter to You?

Membership support helps the Warwick Historical Society care for a priceless collection of clothing and accessories, historical landmarks, made fully accessible to the public, and provides our education programs with the resources to serve children, adults, and teachers each year. Become a member today—it’s only through your commitment to our community that we’re able to continue Making History Matter to You and Your Family.

Membership Levels include the following:

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