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The Shingle Digger crew

The Shingle Dig crew: Jim, Dot, Mike, Vicki, and George (Sherry not present)

The Shingle Dig team continued working at Baird’s Tavern. We did considerable digging in Baird’s yard where the shed had been removed and a large assortment of artifacts were found. However, we were surprised to uncover an old well under large slabs of bluestone. The adventure of examining the inside of the well began!

All the gear…ladder, ropes, hoisting mechanism, face masks, helmets, and any other necessary items were assembled. George and Jim took turns being hoisted into the well and they began removing the fill. They managed to go down many feet, even penetrating a cement lid part way down. Any further excavation will have to wait until next year. Landscaping of the yard was scheduled to begin. We filled in all the areas we had uncovered. We gathered many artifacts from the Baird’s yard.

Jim in the hole

Jim in the hole gathered many artifacts from the Baird’s yard.

Going down to the well

Getting ready to go down into the well at Baird’s

George going down in the well.

George going down in the well











We returned to the Shingle House to continue our excavation of the stone house. The contractors who will be working on the Shingle House were welcoming and allowed us to continue our dig near the annex. Soon more walls of the stone house were exposed on the southern and eastern sides.

We were anxious to continue excavating an area on the north side where we believe we may have a possible ‘fireplace’. A small walled area next to the ‘fireplace’ had been exposed and next to that many artifacts were found…perhaps a trash pile.

Dot in the possible fireplace area where the coin was found

Dot in the possible fireplace area where the coin was found

Possible fireplace hearth at Shingle House

Possible fireplace hearth at Shingle House

This season has truly been an adventure with so much having been discovered…foundations, cisterns, underground iron pipes, walls, a well, a possible fireplace, and an enormous amount of artifacts such as…pieces of dishes and crockery, nails, metal objects, marbles, pipe stems, animal teeth, bones, glass, seashells, and much more. The weather forces us cease until spring. We are all proud and thrilled with the progress made. BUT… the greatest surprise was found just as we were ending the last day. The last bucket of soil that came from down past the fill in the fireplace area was sifted. Lo and Behold a US 1805 coin was found! George, Mike, Jim, Vicki, Dot and Sherry felt it was the greatest finish to a productive season!

We are planning to have an exhibition next March. Hope to see you there! Come join us in celebrating and understanding that the artifacts and the exposing of the Shingle House and Baird’s Tavern pasts are major factors helping to understand the history of the Village of Warwick.

Vicki and Dot

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