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Welcome to the “Shingle Diggers” Blog of 2016. We hope to keep you informed about the progress being made at the Shingle House archaeological dig.  In 2015 some  walls of the buried stone house, a cistern, and the indication of a possible fireplace were found along with an enormous amount of artifacts. The Dig, under the direction of George Knight, was resumed in the spring of 2016.

George and Dot welcomed new diggers, Vicki, Mike, Jim, and Theresa.  Assistance in sifting has been given by Shari and the Historical Society interns, Jordan, Katy, and Kyle.

We have concentrated on finding and exposing additional walls of the stone house.We have also found a cast iron pipe (about 4 feet down) that goes into the area below the annex . A GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) machine has indicated several areas  where large objects, pipes, etc. may exist underground.

The latest  discovery has been a possible cistern close to the house.  Could a well be there too? Further work is necessary.

The team is digging earnestly and patiently to uncover the history of the Shingle House.  In doing so, each day presents surprises and puzzlements!  We have uncovered pieces of dishes, ceramics, nails, glass, metal objects, bones shoe parts, clay and glass marbles, pipe stems, teeth etc.

We meet twice a month at the Baird Tavern basement (Our Lab) to sort and categorize the artifacts found.

We will share our progress and finds in our blog.  Stay tuned!                                                                                      Vicki and Dot

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