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The Shingle Diggers team of George Knight, Mike, Jim, Vicki, and  Dot  worked tirelessly during the hot days of summer, but actually enjoyed the challenges faced each day.  Each day was interesting, productive, and usually presented mysteries.

The cistern we found in July is situated very close to the house.  Since plans are to have the Shingle House renovations to be continued, we needed to fill in the cistern area.  We filled the opening with heavy loaded sand bags, plastic sheeting and plywood.  The walkway slate was replaced also.

We returned to digging in the areas where we previously worked..along the annex area.  We exposed the ruins of the stone house walls. We believe we have the corners of the stone house..southwest, southeast, and northeast. We have uncovered many pieces of artifacts…pipe stems, old crockery pieces, skeleton key, glass, bottle glass, clay marble, buttons, and metal pieces.

On August 9th we ventured to the Baird Tavern to the area in the backyard where an old shed had been removed.  The children from the Historical Society’s summer camp program, under the direction of Maryann Knight and her assistants, came to have an archaeological experience. The four groups of children worked diligently in specific areas and found many artifacts.  George, Mike, and Dot assisted the children…an exciting experience was had by all.

We are now digging in that area in the Baird’s Tavern yard.  We hope during September we will dig a few feet down past the fill.  Thus far we have found shells, pieces of ware, pipe stems, glass, etc.

Every day brings new challenges and puzzlements. Although we are exhausted at the end of the day, we get real satisfaction knowing bits of our  Warwick town and Village histories are being uncovered.  Let us all remember during celebration of OUR village’s anniversary that the artifacts are important reminders of the Warwick Village’s history.

We would like all to know the  “Diggers” have the greatest respect for George Knight, our archaeological leader.  George’s deep interest and unending knowledge of this whole process is exemplary! George does extensive research, careful planning, and is sincerely interested in the preservation of Warwick’s history.  He works along side us, respects each one of us, and is open to any ideas we may have. His sense of humor is great and can be uplifting when we are stressed.  The people of Warwick should know, as his team knows, that we are all fortunate to have George Knight and The Historical Society pursuing Warwick’s town and village histories.

Stay tuned..we will return soon!…………………………   Vicki and Dot

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