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Historical Society and Sustainable Warwick Team Up for Energy Savings @ AW Buckbee Center
Jul 28 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Historical Society and Sustainable Warwick Team Up for Energy Savings @ AW Buckbee Center | Warwick | New York | United States

7:00 PM

AW Buckbee Center

2 Colonial Avenue

Warwick, NY

The Warwick Historical Society and Sustainable Warwick have joined forces to promote “Energize Warwick”, a local version of a state-wide program known as Energize New York. This successful program enables homeowners to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes at very attractive terms, so that they wind up with homes that are much more comfortable with significantly reduced utility costs.

“Like so many of our members,” said Historical Society Executive Director Lisa-Ann Weisbrod, “I have an older, draftier, energy-wasting home that costs a lot to heat and when I heard about this program, I jumped at the opportunity to sign on and I know other members are in the same boat.”

The Historical Society will be holding a special meeting – open to all members of the community – to be scheduled in the AW Buckbee Center. Representatives of NYSERDA, the State agency that runs the Energize Program, and Sustainable Warwick will be on hand to answer all questions and to make it easier to enroll on the spot. Additionally, several Warwick residents who have completed the program will be available to talk about how easy the program was for the homeowner and how dramatic the savings turned out to be.

One additional feature of the program is worth noting. Through a special fund set up by Sustainable Warwick, homeowners who go through the Energize program are eligible to have a $200 donation made to a local non-profit of their choice. “One of the very best parts of my job”, says Geoff Howard, Sustainable Warwick’s Treasurer, “is writing all those $200 checks.”

Executive Director Weisbrod concludes, “This program is truly a win-win, with the homeowner, the environment and a local community organization all coming out ahead.”

Warwick Historical Society

2 Colonial Avenue

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